Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Tue, Feb 03 - We are leaving TT Peace River tomorrow to go to TT Orlando for a couple of weeks.  Before leaving, we wanted to invite friends to join us for a cookout with the Venison Burgers that Joe and Cis had brought to us from Pennsylvania.  Mitch and Barb had come into Peace River on Monday, so we had already made arrangements for them come and asked Mitch, the chef, if he would cook the burgers.  He was most happy to do that.  We invited long-time friends Sally and Stan; and, of course, we invited Joe and Cis, after all, they were the ones who provided the burgers!!

Mitch and I enjoying Venison Burgers and a beer!!

Mitch's brother, Dan and his wife are also at TT Peace River, so of course they were invited to join our crazy bunch!!  Here is Stan enjoying a Hamburger and Dan having Venison Burger.

 Other happy dinners, Barb, Joe and Ken!

In the middle of my picture taking, two little dolls walked down the road.  Stan called them over to chat.  This is Melissa and Ariana.  They said they are not in a special program or anything like that; they just enjoy dressing up sometime.  Cute!!

And here are Sally, Dan's wife Cari, and Cis!

That was fun!!  A great time was had by all!!