Monday, September 7, 2009


What a great Pickleball tournament we had on Sunday, September 6, at TT Chesapeake Bay!! We had 25 participants this year, compared with 14 players in 2008. There were so many players that we, at the request of some of the women, divided the competition into a Women’s Tournament and a Men’s Tournament. I think it was FUN FOR ALL!!! We want to say “Thank You” to all of the participants. “Keep up the good game.”

Participants -
Kneeling on front row (Left to Right): Joanne, Eddie, Wayne, Julie

Standing - (Left to Right as they appear): Amy, Jeff, Mike E., Rick, Jack, Gilbert, Dee, Tom, PAG, Michelle, Tim, Scott, Pam, Jason, Tim, Linda, Butch, Rich E., Bob, Marsha (Score Keeper), Diane (Line-Up), Ken

Here are some pictures of the action!!

Mike ready for an overhead while Eddie looks on.

Rick with winning form (but no ribbon this year) and Scott

Joanne is ready for this one. Pam is ready to help.

Gilbert and Tom - "Get It. Get It!!" "YOU Get It!!"

Gilbert lines up for a SLAM!!

Julie and Michelle after a low ball!

Amy is all business!

Wayne is ready for a winning shot while Ken looks on.

Worthy opponents, Rich E. and Butch !
Lynda ready to serve.

Dee and Faye ready for the next point!

We had a Pickle Pinning Ceremony during the Tournament for players who had never been pinned.

Faye presented pickle pinns to Jason, Jeff, PAG, Dee and Pam.

Ken presents ribbons and prizes to the winners of the Women's Tournament! Congratulations to all three.

Amy, 3rd Place; Joanne, 2nd Place; (Ken) and Dee, 1st Place winner!

Faye presented the ribbons and prizes to winners of the Men's Tournament. Congratulations to all.

Tom, 3rd Place; Gilbert, 1st Place Winner; (Faye) and Wayne, 2nd Place.

The tournament was a lot of fun. We look forward to the next one!!


Did you know that Veterans are entitled to 15% discount on their cell phone bills!!! And, 25% discount on cell phone accessories!!! Stan and Sally alerted us to this discount a couple of months ago. We know it’s true for Verizon customers and I believe it’s true for other carriers as well. Anyway, we think it’s worth looking into. Simply take your discharge papers and ID to a full service store for your carrier. Ask them about the Veteran’s discount. Tell them Verizon does it!!

To take advantage of the discount, the phone must be in the Veteran’s name. If it is not, the account can be changed over to the Veteran’s name. Be alert if you do have to change. The current account will be closed and you will have a new account number. The beginning and ending dates for minutes used may change. Your billing closing date may change. If you have automatic debit payment, that will have to be set up for the new account.