Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We discovered on Tuesday that potential new Pickleball player, Patty (previous article), is traveling with friends of ours from TT Chesapeake Bay – Barbara and Tim. We decided the group from Chesapeake Bay should get together for dinner. Ken suggested going to Oakwood Smokehouse and Grill for a rack of ribs.

We had the waitress capture the moment in pictures.

Bull head above our table.

Barbara giving me her e-mail address on my doggie box so she could get our Blog!

The company was lots of fun and the ribs were great!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Free Thousand Trails Memberships for the first 1000 who call!! After the first 1000, memberships will cost $100!

Have you heard the rumor? Seen a copy of the E-Mail? (See pictures of the attachment to the E-Mail below, or you may go to the website given at end of this article.)

It’s true! I talked with a representative in TT Reservations Department. She confirmed the rumor. She did clarify some things for me, so I thought I’d pass the information on to you.

The Free Offer is for Zone (Region) Memberships only – Either East Zone or West Zone. (See Map)

> It is a stripped down membership – No RPI, No ELS, No Outdoor World, Etc.
> No family membership add-on.
> May use Thousand Trails Campgrounds 360 days a year.
> May go from park to park.

> It should be noted these memberships are for only three years. Then the member must either upgrade to full membership or drop the membership. (I guess that’s the good part.)

I said I thought we already had enough members! It is almost impossible to make reservations at Orlando!!

We chatted with Marc (Sales at TT Orlando). He sort of explained the logic of the Free Zone Memberships. TT has been spending thousands of our dues dollars offering free weeks or weekends in conjunction with a sales pitch, etc. Frequently, the customer leaves without buying a membership. They are thinking with the Free Zone Memberships, people would use the facilities, enjoy and UPGRADE.

That’s all we know!

Sorry the pictures are so chopped up. The website is:


March 22 – Today Patty came to the Pickleball courts in Orlando. She had never played before, but hoped to learn. Patty happened to mention she had noticed people playing at TT Chesapeake Bay and thought she would like to learn. I, of course, picked up on that! Chesapeake Bay is our home park – her’s also. We talked about some of the people she knew – Gilbert and Jenny; Keith, and I can’t remember who else. She hit a few Pickleballs and decided she really likes the game.

We will look for Patty out on the courts. Watch out Gilbert!!