Friday, November 28, 2008


We just got home from enjoying a Happy Thanksgiving at my sister, Jean’s, in Mechancisville, VA – not far from our Chesapeake Bay campground. Food was abundant and delicious and the company was delightful!! We ate and drank too much, of course, but it was wonderful!!

Ken and me with my sister, Jean, and Bob.
Note the stack of Thanksgiving Pies (and there were more)!!

My niece, Deb and Jeff!

Deb and Jeff's sons, Jim and Mark (or Mark and Jim)!!

Jean and Bob's son, Troy, 2nd from the right, and a group of his friends. What a nice lookiing group of young people.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, too!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Ken saw his orthopaedic surgeon Thursday November 20. X-rays showed that Ken is healing perfectly. We were amazed when Dr. McGlynn said Ken is free to DRIVE!!

Free to Drive the Suzuki!!

Free to drive the Motorhome!!

AND, Free at Last of this ##$$%%@@ BRACE!!

I couldn’t get Ken to pose in the brace, but know you’d all like to see what it looks like. The section on the table went around his waist. The part hanging down went around his left thigh down to his knee. The part holding the two sections together is a metal rod with an adjustable hinge in the middle. It was set for 60 degrees movement. Ken wore it 24/7!!! What a monster!!

We left the Elk’s lodge in Richmond that afternoon and came back to TT Chesapeake Bay for a couple of weeks. And Ken drove all the way.

Ken has another appointment with Dr. McGlynn next Tuesday. After that our plans are to get on the road to Sunny Florida ASAP!!