Friday, November 7, 2008


I took my laptop to Rehab today to show Ken the numerous e-mails and good wishes we have received. (And, we thank you all so much!!) Ken happened to ask if they had WIFI here??? I doubted if I would be able to use it if they did, but I gave it a try. Much to my surprise, I was able to go on line using their WIFI!!! I have had sooooo much fun, playing around with our BLOG at my leisure. Of course I could use the WIFI at the TT parks, but they are often very slow and, besides, I have other things to do.

Today I added our picture of greeting as background to the title. Using this WIFI, I get instant gratification!! But, will test it at home using the cell phone. If it takes too long to pull up with the picture, it will have to go.

I’ve also added a BLOG list of BLOGs we follow most often. It also tells which have new postings. Just click on the BLOG I want to view and instantly I’m there. I only put a few on the list because I’m not certain if I will like it as well as the Bookmarks I am currently using.

We’ll try is out for a while and see if we like it!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Ken continues to improve and build up his strength at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Virginia. Things are more difficult with the restricting hip brace, but they want him to do everything for himself. So, he has Physical Therapy every morning and Occupational Therapy in the afternoon to help him learn ways to cope.

Here is Ken and his Therapist, Jonell on their way to Occupational Therapy (Check out the Red Hot Chili Pepper pants!!! Borrowed them from his son, Mike, to have something large enough to fit over the big brace. Everyone on staff loved them!!

Jonell works with Ken and puts him through his paces -- Lifting a bar while improving his balance.

Performing a task while standing and balancing.

But he still needs to dress himself. Pulling up his pants!!

Almost got 'em up!! This is not too hard!!!

Now for the "silk" stockings.

Upper body work.

Looks like they are having too much fun!!

Using free weights.

Now we get to the group activities. “Shaking a Cocktail” using hand weights. This is as close as we get to Happy Hour!!!

Batting a Balloon. It’s not Pickleball but its kinda fun!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Good News. Ken was moved to Rehab Tuesday afternoon. We thought several days ago that everything was set, but then learned that Medicare has toughened its guidelines, and no longer approves single joint replacements for Rehab. We were sweating it, but I guess Ken had enough extenuating circumstances that he was approved after all.

They worked him hard today; he had about three hours of physical therapy and occupational therapy, about 1 1/2 hours of each. He was shuffling along so fast, I told him he would be on that Pickleball Court in no time!!! Go, Ken, Go.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Thanks so much for all of your kind thoughts!! Ken is doing well now, but you should see his hip BRACE!!! He won't be playing Pickleball for a loooong time!!!

Ken was doing a lot better yesterday (Saturday after surgery on Friday). Then they removed the epidural and gave him pain medicine instead. He has been soooooo sick all day today. Has not felt like eating (and the food is good -- I've been eating it). Doesn't feel like doing his exercises. Has not been walking with the PT. I'm worried that he is not getting any movement.

Learned today that Ken will be going to ReHab tomorrow (Mon), if he is doing OK and if they have room. I was very relieved that he had been approved for ReHab because I don't think I could manage him at home yet.

The Doctor just stopped by and is pleased with the surgery. Apparently, there was a lot more to this surgery than the original hip replacement because some older parts had to be removed before the new ball and socket could be inserted. There was the possibility of some nerve damage in the process, but everything appears to be good.

PS. Ken ate his Sunday dinner and seems to be feeling better (6:15 pm).