Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is unprecedented!! Terry of America Choice RV (they sell RVs at the campground) approached some of the players and asked if we would like to have a Pickleball tournament and offered to give prizes from their store to the winners!!

In spite of not knowing what the prizes might be, we decided we could not pass up such an opportunity!! So, on Tuesday we had a Pickleball Tournament here at TT Orlando. There were 13 players – a good turnout for this time of year.

Ken and I ran the tournament using the Partner Switch format.

Some of the play.
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Here are the players!!

At the end of the tournament, the winners were revealed!!

Travis 1st Place, Renate 3rd Place and Ken 2nd Place.

And Terry came through for America’s Choice and presented store credits to each of the winners –

$30 for 1st Place to Travis

$20 for 2nd Place to Ken

And $10 for 3rd Place to Renate

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and to ALL the players.


Diane and Jack invited all of us to their site for Hot Dogs following the tournament!! Everyone had a great time!!

Posted by PicasaDuring the party Ken presented jars of pickles to “the Biggest Losers” with lowest scores at the tournament!! Vickie and Faye tied for that honor with Zero wins and 11 points each!! Thanks a lot, Ken!!


Ken’s daughter, Tracy, lives in Lake Mary, about 45 miles from our TT Orlando campground. We drove over to visit with her for Ken’s birthday on Monday. Tracy prepared a delicious Spinach Feta Cheese Omelet for Brunch. She’s a really good cook!! Uummm!!

After eating and playing with Tracy’s cats

We drove to the Big Tree Park and saw The Senator, one of the oldest and largest Cypress trees in America.
Then Tracy took us to one of the golf courses where she works part-time. We took our pictures in front of their Christmas tree. We were larger than the tree!!
A couple of years ago when we were at TT Orlando, we got Tracy to meet us at Winter Garden to take the bike trail. We carried our bikes and rented one for her. It was only a five-mile trail, but it was quite enough for us!! Shortly after that, Tracy bought herself a bike and has been biking ever since.

She told us that she had biked 20 miles the other day. Way to go, Girl!!


Diane is a relatively new Pickleball player [Summer 2009] but she is already known as the Queen of Happy Hours!! She is always ready to host a Happy Hour or meal of some kind.

So - Diane and Jack invited all the Pickleball players to their site for a happy hour and conversation. About fifteen of us were there, enjoying good nibbles and good company. A great time was has by all.

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Thanks Diane and Jack!!