Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I wrote an article back in April about my grandson, Thomas, and his new Irish Sport Horse, Miles, from Ocala, FL.  Well, here they are in action together!!!

You two look great together, Thomas!!  A winning combination in the competitions!!!


Sat, May 30 – My Grandson Michael (Stasia’s son) graduated from UNC last year.  This is his first year teaching Eighth Grade Math in Durham.  He loves it!!

This weekend they had the end of year 8th grade formal. It was kind of like middle school prom. The students dressed up in nice dresses and suits and everyone looked great! The theme this year was Hawaiian luau, so there were palm tree decorations, leis, beach balls and a slushy machine. Everyone had a great time hanging out, eating, and of course dancing.

Michael and Vanessa all dressed up for the dance!  (Sorry, could not get the picture to upload correctly.)

Notice the color coordinated shoe strings!!

Looking great, guys!!!


Sun, Jun 07 – My grandson Thomas (Barry’s son) is graduating from Broughton High School tomorrow, Monday June 08.  Before that auspicious event, his family threw a get together for family and friends at his home on Sunday afternoon!!  There was more food and drinks than you can imagine.  A fun time was had by all!!

Here are some pictures of my family at the event!

My daughter Stasia in the center.  Her husband Gene on the left.  And my son Barry (Thomas’ Dad) on the right.

Thomas’ grandfather Don.  Ken.  Me.  My grandson Michael (Stasia’s son) at the right and his girl Vanessa next to me!

graduate Thomas in the center!!  Congratulations big guy!!!


Mon, Jun 08 – The big day has arrived!!!  Thomas is now a graduate of Broughton High School!!!

The Graduating Class!!

Here is Thomas among the crowd of graduates!!

Receiving his Diploma!!

The proud Graduate!!

Introducing The Graduate, Thomas Gobble, with his Mom MaryAnne and his Dad Barry!!!

Great job, Thomas!!  You have made us so proud!!!


Thur, Jun 11 – We arrived at TT Chesapeake Bay on Thursday, June 11.  We discovered that Rich and Dee were here but they were leaving on Friday morning.  Someone said they had a new motor home!!  What!!!

We had to stop by to see them.  Had a nice little chat.  They told us all about the new Holiday Rambler; how they happened to buy it; all the bells and whistles!!! 

Had to take pictures of them with the new motor home!!  A Holiday Rambler Navigator!!!

Tony and Marilyn were also here at TT Chesapeake Bay and they happened to stop by!!!

Funny thing, Rich told us that when Dean and Marge heard about the new Holiday Rambler, Dean went out and bought a new motor home for them!!!  Have not seen them yet!!!

You guys keep enjoying your life on the road!!


Ken and I are not able to play Pickleball at this time, but we were really excited to hear Pickleball being played on the P/B courts!!  We had to find out who was playing!!

Carol on the left and Mike.  I recognize the other players but can remember names.

Susan, Roger, Joyce and Pete

Have a fun time, guys!!!  Wish we could have joined you!!!


We visited our friends Lois and Gene at their home back in Richmond, VA for delicious peach daiquiri and conversation.  As we were leaving, Lois gave me a new paperback novel, Stay the Night.  She explained that the book was written by a good friend of hers, Kathleen McMahon Schwartz, who also spends her winters in Venice.  Lois was there to offer encouragement throughout the process of creating, writing, publishing the novel.

When Stay the Night was published, Lois bought about ten copies; one copy was for me and our mutual friend Karen.  Ms. Schwartz even wrote a nice personal note to the two of us inside the cover!!  How special!!

Lois presenting me with a copy of Stay the Night!  Notice the reflection of the photographer in the door!!

Thanks so much Lois for this special gift!  I’m going to let Karen read it first since she is a fast reader.  Then, I can read it while I’m in the hospital!  [Oh, did I mention I’m having hip replacement surgery on July 08!!  More on that subject later!!]


Sat, Jun 13 - This is the weekend of my 60th high school class reunion!!!  We have been having a reunion every five years for about 20 or 25 years; all planned by Ann, the wife of fellow classmate Richard and other volunteers.

This picture of Ann and Richard is from the 55th reunion because I didn’t have a chance to take one this year.

Ken and me with my life-long friend Betty waiting for dinner!!

As part of the entertainment, Billie Dale’s husband Ralph had put together a picture program showing our Manchester classmates through the years.  After about 35-40 minutes Ken chuckled to Ralph, “I’m not saying this program is long but that lady over at that table had dark hair when the program began and now her hair gray!!!”  Ken!!  I had to fuss at him, but everybody laughed!!  Even Ralph!!

Billie Dale and Ralph.  Note the picture program on the far wall between them.

Buddy provided part of the entertainment by telling jokes and anecdote about his classmates.  His good friend and football teammate, JP, was the brunt of most of the jokes!!

JP and Buddy

Buddy worked for years with my good friend Karen – he in real estate and she as closing attorney.  About five years ago, Karen and Dennis, Ken and I ran into Buddy and his wife Jane at a University of Richmond football game.  I reminded them of the occasion and that Jane was the only one of the group who had any bourbon that night, so we were all drinking her bourbon!!  What fun!!

It was a very nice 60th class reunion!!  Thank you Ann for all of your work in planning the occasion!!

My name tag -- My Senior Picture - 1955


Yes!!  That's right!!  I am the one scheduled for hip replacement surgery this time!!!  Wednesday, July 08, is the date.

My right hip area has been giving me problems since 2008.  I have had X-Rays, MRIs, Etc. but no one could solve the problem.  This past January I began having major pain in a different area -- my groin!!  It got so I could hardly walk.

Scheduled an appointment with Dr. Matthew Dobzyniak at Tuckahoe Orthopaedic when we returned to Richmond.  X-Rays of my right hip and left shoulder indicated that both areas are good candidates for replacement surgery!!!

At last!!  Good news and bad news!!  Good news is that at least they can see the problem and know how to fix it!  Bad news is I have to have hip replacement surgery!!

Ken's son Mike is already scheduled for hip replacement later in July.  He and wife Diane raved about his doctor, Dr. Dobzyniak.  He is skilled and experienced in minimally invasive procedures such as anterior hip replacement, computer guided surgery, etc.  In fact, Dr. Dob mentioned to us that he goes around the country teaching his techniques!!  Very fortunate, I was able to schedule an appointment with him!

Wish me luck!!!