Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Yes!!  That's right!!  I am the one scheduled for hip replacement surgery this time!!!  Wednesday, July 08, is the date.

My right hip area has been giving me problems since 2008.  I have had X-Rays, MRIs, Etc. but no one could solve the problem.  This past January I began having major pain in a different area -- my groin!!  It got so I could hardly walk.

Scheduled an appointment with Dr. Matthew Dobzyniak at Tuckahoe Orthopaedic when we returned to Richmond.  X-Rays of my right hip and left shoulder indicated that both areas are good candidates for replacement surgery!!!

At last!!  Good news and bad news!!  Good news is that at least they can see the problem and know how to fix it!  Bad news is I have to have hip replacement surgery!!

Ken's son Mike is already scheduled for hip replacement later in July.  He and wife Diane raved about his doctor, Dr. Dobzyniak.  He is skilled and experienced in minimally invasive procedures such as anterior hip replacement, computer guided surgery, etc.  In fact, Dr. Dob mentioned to us that he goes around the country teaching his techniques!!  Very fortunate, I was able to schedule an appointment with him!

Wish me luck!!!

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Dennis and Judy Paul said...

Our thought are with you! Recover soon and hope to see you playing pickleball better than before. Dennis and Judy