Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Sun, Jun 07 – My grandson Thomas (Barry’s son) is graduating from Broughton High School tomorrow, Monday June 08.  Before that auspicious event, his family threw a get together for family and friends at his home on Sunday afternoon!!  There was more food and drinks than you can imagine.  A fun time was had by all!!

Here are some pictures of my family at the event!

My daughter Stasia in the center.  Her husband Gene on the left.  And my son Barry (Thomas’ Dad) on the right.

Thomas’ grandfather Don.  Ken.  Me.  My grandson Michael (Stasia’s son) at the right and his girl Vanessa next to me!

graduate Thomas in the center!!  Congratulations big guy!!!


Mon, Jun 08 – The big day has arrived!!!  Thomas is now a graduate of Broughton High School!!!

The Graduating Class!!

Here is Thomas among the crowd of graduates!!

Receiving his Diploma!!

The proud Graduate!!

Introducing The Graduate, Thomas Gobble, with his Mom MaryAnne and his Dad Barry!!!

Great job, Thomas!!  You have made us so proud!!!

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