Saturday, October 30, 2010


Pam and Joe invited us to have Sushi with them for dinner on Saturday. I love people who plan things!! Not only did they plan the evening, but it was executed to perfection!! They must have worked the entire day to come up with such a spread!! They said Pam did the slicing/chopping and Joe did the rolling.

Look at the stack of rolls they created!!

Joe slicing the Sushi rolls.

And, Sushi is served!!! Can you believe this platter of Sushi???!!! The dish at the top contains thinly sliced Tuna and Salmon which we used to top our Sushi Rolls. UUUMMMMMM!!

There were Salmon and Cream Cheese, Tuna, Tuna and Cream Cheese, Shrimp, California Rolls, etc. etc. etc!! Thank you so much, Pam and Joe!! It was Wonderful!! It was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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Mitch and Barb said...

We love finding sushi makers (and eaters). Guess we'll have to have a sushi making party when we all get together!