Sunday, December 19, 2010


Man!! It’s been raining for days here at TT Wilderness Lakes. Chris and Mark are here, too, and they are climbing the walls of Phaeton Place!! I remembered that years ago Ken and I spent a rainy afternoon in New York driving around Lake Seneca, pausing at all the wineries for a little wine tasting. Temecular is only a few miles away and it is celebrated Wine Country!!! What to do on another rainy day?? Let’s Go Wine Tasting!!!

Mark drove us to the wine trail. There are some 35 wineries in the area!! We chose Thornton Winery to stop at first.

They, like all the other wineries in the area, charged for their tastings -- from $10for their Sweet Flight to as much as $17 for the Premium Flight tasting. Chris and Mark each selected the White Wine Flight, four white wines for $12. Ken and I each selected the Red and White Flight, two red and two white wines, also $12.

I had printed out two-for-one coupons from the internet which were honored, so the tastings were essentially half price. We had a delightful afternoon sipping wine and munching on beget with goat cheese. I have to say, the tasting servings were quite generous and in no time we were all feeling pretty GOOD!! This was a new experience for Chris. She was soooo funny!! I was glad we had introduced her to wine tasting, California Style!!

As we left, we all agreed that we needed FOOD – no more wine!! Chris and Mark introduced us to Two Guys burgers!!! We agree with them -- UUMMMMM!!

Anyway, the day was a lot of fun. We had found the perfect way to spend a rainy day!!!

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Show Us The World said...

What fun! You are having so many great adventures! We miss you so much. It's just not the same without you here!