Monday, May 21, 2012


May 18 - We had a new adventure tonight!! Tom and Becky, new Pickleball players who started playing in January at TT Peace River in Wauchula, FL, have joined up with our group of Pickleball players out west at TT Verde Valley. Today Tom invited the Pickleball group to their site at 8:00 PM to view the stars through their telescope. Sounded like a great opportunity for us.

Tom and Becky provided drinks, wine, and some nibbles for the group! It was a very nice affair. Tom already had the telescope set up for us to view the stars. It was a perfect evening, and after about 8:30 it was dark enough to see every star in the sky!!

We first observed Venus which was one of the first stars to appear. I was amazed that through the telescope the star looked like a partial solar eclipse. And I had expected to see a star with five points!! HA HA

Tom (blue shirt) is showing this group where certain stars can be found in the skies. Tony in the red shirt, Sandy and Ed give their sttention (almost).

Tom is helping Trudy to find Saturn with its rings!

Now he is adjusting the telescope for the shorter Marilyn!

Marilyn looks very happy. She must have observed not only the star but all its rings. Ken in the background.

Tom is focusing the telescope for me and Ken.

Ah! I could see Saturn but not the rings! Saturn is much, much further away than Venus.

Ken takes his turn. I know he could see more than I did!

Here are some of the ladies at tonight's affair! Left to right: Trudy, Marilyn, and Rita.

Our hostess Becky and Marilyn's husband Tony.

It was a most enjoyable evening! Something other than Pickleball and eating!! Thanks Becky and Tom!! Welcome to our group!!

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Show Us The World said...

We met Tom and Becky while they were here at PR. They are a great couple!