Monday, April 29, 2013


Fri. Apr 19 - Back in January my Ophthalmologist in Loma Linda discovered a scratch on the cornea of my right eye -- my injured eye.  Dr. Affeldt has been treating it since that time and we have driven in to Loma Linda  every week or two for follow up visits.  My latest visit was scheduled for Thursday, April 19.  Ken had surgery on April 17 and cannot drive for two weeks!!  His doctor did say it would be alright for him to make the trip as long as he did not drive.

Our friends Shirley and Jim who are also at TT Palm Springs offered to drive us to Loma Linda, about 65 miles.  I tried in vain to convince them that I was perfectly capable to drive, but they insisted!

After my appointment, we decided to stop by Long John Silver's for Fish & Chips on the way home.  Ken did fine for the drive over and I was glad, after all, that I did not have to drive.

Thanks Jim and Shirley for your very thoughtful offer to drive us!!

Sat. Apr 27 -  Bill and Pat are back at TT Palm Springs.  Great to see them again!  Earlier this week they took me with them to Mary Pickford to see "42" while Ken was back home recuperating.  Good movie about Jackie Robinson.

Today we asked if they would like to try Vietnamese food and took them to Pho Vu, our favorite.  Here we are enjoying menu items #46, #48, and #11, and one other (that's how we order--by number!!)

Mon. Apr 29 - Today while at the Pickleball courts, Paul mentioned to me that mutual friend, Gordon, was picking him up for lunch at noon and he would bring him by our rig to say "HI".  When I found out they were going to The 19th Hole for fish, I asked if we could crash their party.  We have never been to the 19th Hole, and the fish sounded mighty good!

We had a grand old time talking about Pickleball friends we all had known.  We talked about Peter and Tony, Myrtice and Chuck, Jim and remembered Vertrice, Norm and Marti, Wayne and Nancy, Geoff and another Nancy, Pete, Al, Ede, Jessie, Tom and Marion, Gretchen and remembered Bob, Brian and Eileen, Dennis and Jackie, Carolyn and remembered John, Denny and Sally, Steve and Cheryl, Harold and Marion, and on and on.

Here we are after all the fish and all the beer and all the talking!

Thanks Paul and Gordon for letting us join you today!

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