Monday, April 29, 2013


 Apr 14 - The weather could not have been more beautiful on Sunday afternoon while we were enjoying the Augustine Casino Big BBQ.  However, the weather forecasts all weekend had been for winds up to 60-65 miles an hour in the Coachella Valley, where Augustine Casino is located, and only 13 miles from TT Palm Springs.

We soon discovered they were not lying as we drove back to the campground heading West on I-10.  Winds almost blew us off the road and sand was so dense we could hardly see!!

See how the palm trees lean in the wind!!

This is the scene from our site.  You cannot see the mountains on the horizon because of the blowing sand!

The exact same scene in November 2011.

I wanted an action picture to remember.

The sand storm was actually worse than it appears in the video and lasted for days!!!  From Sunday through Wednesday afternoon!!  What a mess.  Sand everywhere!!  I hope I never see another sand storm!!

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