Tuesday, November 2, 2010


John and I were chatting while waiting to play the next Pickleball match. He was telling me how he had started playing Pickleball a few years ago at a campground in one of the Carolinas. He said a husband and wife were playing together and offered to teach him. With thousands of Pickleball players I never dreamed it would be someone I knew. But, I asked who they were.

(John with Linda at TT Palm Springs)

He said their names were Judy and Brian!!! JUDY!!! Ken and I taught Judy how to play years ago!! She is my prize student!!! Judy was doing water aerobics with me in the pool at TT Palm Springs. I was talking about playing Pickleball and she indicated an interest in learning the game. We met on the courts that very afternoon. Judy was a natural and has gone on to become a really great Pickleball player. Brian swears she had never played any kind of sports before.

(Judy and Brian)

Anyway, we just got an E-Mail from Judy and Brian and they will be at TT Palm Springs early December!! It will be great to see them again.

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