Tuesday, November 2, 2010


November 2 – This morning we were too late to the Pickleball courts to play, so Ken suggested that we drive up to Joshua Tree National Park so I could get my Passport Book stamped. Once we were there we decided to take the drive through the Park. Here are some of the sights!!

Oasis Visitor Center – the main Visitor Center for Joshua Tree National Park, Twenty-nine Palms, CA

Oasis of Mara - behind the Visitor Center

Our first stop – Split Rock

Formations near Split Rock

Skull Rock
Not mentioned in the map guide but shapes I discovered near Skull Rock.
The Disciple Silhouette on the rock
And across the road – Giant’s Fingers

Joshua Trees only grow at certain altitudes and certain temperatures and in certain climates. That’s why Joshua Tree National Park is so special. Incidentally, the Joshua Tree is NOT a tree and is NOT a cactus. The Joshua Tree is in the Lily family!!

A field of Joshua Trees.

The largest Joshua Tree we have ever seen. Most are small and scrawny!! This one looks like a real tree!!


We don't know what happened here but this looked like Death Valley for Joshua Trees. For some reason, trees in this area were either already dead or were dying.

Cholla Cactus Garden

There was a tiny Cactus developing on the fence. I really wanted to touch it, but the sign warned that the slightest touch can cause the cactus spines to penetrate the skin and removing the embedded spines is very difficult and painful! I didn't want that!!

An abrupt change in terrine driving south toward /Cottonwood Visitor Center and I-10.

It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

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We enjoy camping at Joshua Tree National Park in the nice weather.