Monday, February 6, 2012


We have been here at TT Palm Springs for two weeks. Pickleball every morning!! Here is just some of the action!!

Hayden and Ken.

Norby and Martin.

Val and Gary.

Val's unique form!

Martin and Ken.

Linda and Brian.

Clint and Gloria.

The girls!! Linda.


Ken and Paul.

Will and Joe.

Will tries the shot of the day!


Donna and Faye.


Marilynn and Wendell are back at TT Palm Springs. Here Marilynn is playing with Carroll.

One of the Jim's playing with Wendell.

Linda and Bernard.

Jim and Wayne.

Martin and Dave.


Jim and Gloria.

Jerry and Bernard.

Ken and Linda.

Jim and Clint.

Dennis and Annie.

Roger and Dave.

Gloria and Ken.

Rick and Linda watching a match. Rick runs the Pickleball program at TT Palm Springs. Linda is a night Ranger!

Larry (LEM) and Brian.

John S.

Carroll and Clint.

Jerry and Jim.

Rick and Linda.

Dennis and another Linda.

Faye and Hayden discuss strategy!!! HA HA

Faye waiting for an overhead. Hayden prays!!

Hayden laughs when Faye gets excited after hitting a GREAT shot!! HA HA

This is what Pickleball is all about!! Just lots of friends!! Lots of fun!!!

Martin and Ella.

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