Monday, April 6, 2009


We returned to Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay on Tuesday, March 31. On the way down from Richmond, we stopped at a Food Lion where I found a couple of picnic shoulders on special. That sparked an idea!! I suggested to Ken that we have a Bar-B-Q on Saturday afternoon, sort of a “we’re back” social, and invite some of our friends. I never realized that we have sooooo many friends here at Chesapeake Bay. I had to buy a third picnic shoulder!!

Ken prepared his famous North Carolina style Bar-B-Q and coleslaw. Everyone brought a side dish or dessert to share. There were almost thirty of us and we had a grand old time!!

Candid Camera!!

Men will be boys!! Wayne is telling a joke: something about playing Wii Tennis with a gorgeous, shapely, sexy woman; and something about when you do play with such a woman you should never take the Wii control with you when you go to the bathroom; and something about what shows up on the TV screen in the other room if you do!!! You can just imagine!!

Here’s Faye telling Delores and JoAnne about something – I can’t imagine what it could be, but I’m certain it’s not as interesting as Wayne’s tale!!

Hope we can do this again real soon!!!

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