Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My grandson, Jason (Stasia’s son), lives only a few blocks from Barry in Raleigh, and he works at Kung Fu Tattoo in Durham. On Saturday afternoon I called him to tell him we were in town and would he like to jog over to say “Hi”. Bad news. He said he had to work on Saturday afternoon. “At the tattoo parlor?” I asked. “Can I get a tattoo this afternoon?” “Sure,” he said. “How long does it take?” “Only about an hour.” “How much does one cost?” “For you, it’s free, Gammy!”

So that’s how it came about! On our way from Barry’s place to visit my daughter, Stasia, Gene and Michael in Goldsboro, NC, for the rest of the weekend, we detoured to Kung Fu Tattoo in Durham!!!

Oh, no!!! This can’t be my grandson, Jason!!! Where is that handsome face??

He took us inside, showed us around, and introduced us to a fellow worker. A nice clean shaven guy – I was almost ready to trade my grandson for him!!

I had told Jason on the phone that I thought I would like a butterfly tattoo. And, I love emeralds, so I’d like it to be emerald green, if possible. He showed me the neat design he had created and discussed the process of making and transferring the stencil, how they sterilize the needles, etc. Noticing a sign on the wall, Ken said, “You could have your “titties” pierced while you are here, Faye!” “Yes,” I replied, “and they can do my bellybutton at the same time since they hang so low!” The two young men laughed hysterically.

Here I am, ready for my procedure. Before he started, Jason surprised me when he said, “I’m so excited! And, I’m nervous.” I said, “I’m excited, too; but don’t you be nervous!!”
Beginning the tattoo. I asked Jason if they had marijuana for medicinal purposes. He gave me a stick of gum!!
The butterfly outline.
Now, we’re getting down to business! Ken asked if it hurt. Well, it’s not unbearable, but it’s not the most pleasant thing I have ever experienced, and I was really chewing that gum!!
The finished product – a beautiful, exotic emerald green butterfly. And because Jason designed it, it is very, very special to me!!

Thank you, Jason, for a great experience!! Love you!!
And, thank you, Ken, for letting me do such a wild and crazy thing!!


Show Us The World said...

I thought it was going to be a joke at first-how unbelievably cool you are! Beautiful tattoo, Faye!

Mark and Chris said...

Faye, you rebel you!!! :)

tracy said...

That's so cool!! Remember when I had my nipples pierced and my tongue? Tracy

Niki said...

That's awesome Faye!! I really want one too, too bad I won't be living on the east coast anymore or I'd go up and have Jason do mine. Love and Miss you both

Mitch and Barb said...

Great tatoo! But I laughed out loud (in the casino lobby where I can pick up the internet) when I read your blog. You two are just the funniest!

Stacey said...

unbelievable!! you are so crazy.