Friday, February 12, 2010


February 12 – At our first gathering, January 15, our group decided we’d meet again at The Java Café in February on the 12th. According to our original idea, the new invitees in January would each invite a new “member”. Hence, our group has grown from the original three over a glass of wine to six and now today there are nine of us.

Here we are ready to enjoy another luncheon at The Java Café. Around the table, Left to Right (new members’ names are bold): Sally, Audrey, Sarah, Marilyn, Cis, Diane, Bev, The Other Sally, and Faye.
We plan to meet again in March. Even though I am no longer at Torrey Oaks, I hope to be there.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, Sally brought each of us a valentine goody bag with a cookie and package of those little hearts with love notes on them!! Thanks Sally!!

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