Monday, November 8, 2010


November 08 – We had new awning fabric installed on our automatic WeatherPro Awning at Camping World in Kissimmee, FL back in April. Since that time the awning has not closed properly and we have been to Camping World (CW) two times to try to solve the problem. At CW in Rogers, MN, we were told that the fabric had been cut crooked and the fabric would have to be replaced. Since we were not going to be in that area long enough to order the fabric, we decided to have the fabric replaced at CW in Burlington, WA where we would be spending at least a month. However, CW in Burlington said the problem was that the awning had to be adjusted on the apparatus, which they did.

However, after a few weeks we were having the same problem. We made an appointment with Camping World in San Bernardino, CA to see if they could solve the problem.

Jerry at Camping World came up with the original problem!! The awning fabric was cut crooked. They took all kinds of measurements and said they would contact Dominic to order the new fabric. Then we will set up another appointment to have the new fabric installed, we HOPE!!

In the meantime, while we were at Camping World, we had a couple of new motor home batteries installed!! UGH!!!


Since our appointment at Camping World was early Monday morning, we drove to San Bernardino on Sunday afternoon. When we arrived at CW, it was dinner time. Ken decided he wanted Pizza from Pizza Hut. Our GPS indicated the closest Pizza Hut was 25 miles away!! So we just asked for any Pizza. The resulting list included a Papa John’s Pizza just two miles away. We followed the directions and that is how we found Papa Joe’s Pizza on Washington Street.

They had our New York Style Pizza loaded with five toppings (onions, jalapenos, mushrooms, black olives, and tomatoes) ready to go in 13 minutes!!

Delicious!! The price = $10.99!!!

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