Friday, March 11, 2011


Today we went to the Cinemark10 $2 movies -- Saw Gwyneth Paltrow andTim McGraw in "Country Strong". We both liked it. I was prepared not to like it because I really didn't like any of the Trailers I had seen on TV. But, it turned out to be better than we expected. Gwyneth did an outstanding job with the singing. And Tim did a good job in a non-singing dramatic role.

We thought the new country songs were all very good but we both commented that all the songs were slow. Only one song had an up beat, when Gwyneth sang "Shake That Thing". That was our favorite. I'll have to find the line dance step sheet for that one!

We stayed through the credits to see Ken's Grand-daughter's name as Visual Effects Coordinator - Niki Hillier!! Great job Niki. The Visual Effects were terrific!!

We both can recommend the movie! Not really great, but very good!!

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