Saturday, May 14, 2011


May 04 - May 14 - Two more weeks at TT Verde Valley. We are still having a great time at the Pickleball courts. Some players have moved on to other adventures and new players have taken their places. Some of them we already knew and some are brand new friends. All of them are a lot of fun to play with and socialize with.

Karen and Will.

Mary and Alan.

My Ken and Mary's Ken.

Ed and Alan.

Ken, Susan, Ken and Ella after their match.

Friends Nancy and Wayne stopped by TT Verde Valley on their way home to Montana! Here is Nancy with Cathy, Mary, and Cathy's husband

Bob is observing while Wayne teaches some beginners basic Pickleball techniques.

Students on the other side of the net: Cathy and Bob's wife, Colene.

We have all certainly enjoyed our time at TT Verde Valley Pickleball courts.

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Sandra Leesmith said...

Great photos Faye. We sure do miss you and Ken. Lots of new friends here.