Sunday, December 11, 2011


Dec. 11 - Rick and Linda had another cook-out this afternoon -- tacos, burritos, and all the trimmings! Because of Linda's schedule as a park Ranger, we started at about 2 o'clock. It's a good thing, too, because it really gets toooo cooooool later in the afternoon!!

Paulette and Larry.

Jim and Shirley.

Bill was complaining to me that his picture is never in our Blog! Well, here you are, Bill -- twice!! First, Gloria had to put up with his antics!!!

And then Bill is cutting up with Gloria's Bill (we call him Hayden because there is that other Bill!!)

Here is Ken giving Paul our best wishes for his scheduled jaunt to the hospital for heart surgery on Wednesday! Good Luck, Paul!!

Larry was standing up so I asked him to take my picture with Ken. He got the camera backwards!!! A self portrait!

But here is our picture at last!

Our hosts Linda and Rick.

Today is Linda's birthday! I wanted a full picture of her in her pretty new "Birthday Suit". Happy Birthday, Linda!!

Thanks Guys for another great gathering!! YUUUUMMMMM!

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