Sunday, May 13, 2012


Back in February when we were staying at Cathedral Palms in Cathedral City, we went with the group to an authentic Mexican Restaurant.  One of the items on the buffet was a Mexican Shrimp Cocktail.  It was a lot different from the Shrimp Cocktails I have had, but it surely was good!  The Mexican version  contained cooked shrimp in some type of tomatoe juice with chopped onions, avacoda, cucumber, cilantro, etc. 

I decided to make Mexican Shrimp Cocktail for our appertiser one evening.  It was more work than most Shrimp Cocktails I have made in the past, but it was WONDERFUL!!

My Shrimp Cocktails are not as beautiful as the one on this menu, but I'll bet it tasted just as good!!

I'll have to try this again!!

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