Sunday, October 14, 2012


Oct. 08 - Back in April I posted an article about our having a new residential Hotpoint Refrigerator installed in place of our defunct Norcold.  The new Hotpoint has worked out just great.  Only one problem!!

The freezer is quite large, with an ice maker that we had installed.  There were no dividers or shelves in the freezer.  As a result, I had to pile all of the frozen foods into a refrigerator drawer that I kept from our old Norcold for use in the freezer.  Not very practical; a lot of wasted space!!.

When we were buying our new Hotpoint at Home Depot, we noticed a similar refrigerator with a shelf in the freezer.  We tried that shelf in the floor model of our Hotpoint that, while it had the holes in place for a shelf, there was no shelf.  It worked perfectly.  But, we could not buy that shelf.  I went on line and found a shelf that looked like it would work but the Hotpoint representative did not have measurements for the shelf on line and did not show a refrigerator of the same ID as the one at Home Depot with the shelf.  I put the project on hold for a while.

Last week, we decided to try again.  A very helpful clerk at Home Depot helped us with the measurements. measured the freezer and the shelf and the placement of the holes.  We went home and measured our freezer size and the placement of the holes.  It seemed like it would work.

We went back to Home Depot and the store clerk placed an order for the freezer shelf to be delivered to us at TT Palm Springs.

When we arrived at TT Palm Springs on Friday, our shelf was waiting for us!!

The freezer shelf works PERFECTLY!!

I am so glad we stuck with this project!!  It makes a bid difference in our freezer space!

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