Monday, January 14, 2013


Jan 04 - I read on Becky and Richard's Travel Journal (Blog) that they had gone to a Thai Restaurant that they enjoyed very much.  Thai restaurants are very popular but Ken and I have never found a Thai dish that we really liked.

But, we do have a favorite Vietnamese restaurant in LaQuinta.  Pho Vu.  One afternoon we just happened to see a small Vietnamese restaurant and decided to go in, looking for the Vietnamese "Pancakes".  Pho Vu does not have the pancakes but we decided to give it a try anyway.  We ordered one of their Pho noodle soups.  It was delicious -- so fresh and tasty.  Later we took our friends Pam and Joe for dinner at Pho Vu.  They loved it.  In fact, their home is just up the road from the restaurant.  Now they go there all the time!

Back to Becky and Richard.  Since they seem to know a lot about Thai food, I offered to take them to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in exchange for their introducing us to some good Thai food!  They agreed, and the next time we were together at TT Palm Springs we all went out to Pho Vu for dinner.  Since Pam and Joe are now the "experts", we invited them to join us.

Here we are enjoying our dinner.  Faye, Ken, Pam, Joe, Richard, Becky.

Now we are waiting for Becky and Richard to introduce us to some good Thai food!!

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