Thursday, January 3, 2013


Dec 31 - Many of the Pickleball players at TT Palm Springs had a Potluck Dinner to celebrate the coming of 2013!!  There was plenty of food and plenty of fun!!

Clint and Carol.  Carol was the instigator of the Potluck.  What a great job she did in organizing the affair!!

Becky and Tom.  They are actually staying at TT Wilderness Lakes but come over to TT Palm Springs to join us!!

Joe and Barb just left the campground but came back for dinner!

We welcome Linda S and Merlin to our group!

Pat and "Wild Bill"

Larry and Claudette, good friends of Pat and Bill

Barb and Dennis

David and Linda O

Paulette and Big Larry

Sandy and Ed

Faye and Ken

After dinner, Barb came over to remind Ken of their first meeting on the Pickleball courts at TT Orlando!  The story had something to do with Barb's new shoes!!  Fun memories!!

It was a great way to say Good Bye to 2012 and Welcome to 2013.  Thanks so much to Carol for putting it all together!

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