Saturday, October 19, 2013


Fri, Oct 18 - Almost every morning for the past two weeks, since we have been at TT Orlando, Pat, Barb and I would leave the Pickleball courts and meet at the refreshing (burrrrr) pool for Water Aerobics using my Billie Jo CD.  It was there that we met Bonnie who joined us in the water each morning.

Here we are trying to keep warm in that COLD COLD water!!  Faye, Karen joined us for one day, Barb, Bonnie, and Pat.

Yesterday (Thursday) morning, Bonnie mentioned that she had found out about a wholesale seafood outlet in Orlando where you could get fresh Maine Lobster.  She and her husband Clyde had bought some and had them for dinner the night before.  She said they were wonderful!!  The catch was:  You had to have a special license to deal with a wholesaler to be able to buy from the seafood outlet.  Bonnie had such a license because of her Bling Bling business and she offered to get some Lobsters for her new Water Aerobics friends!  Thus, a Lobster Feast was planned for Friday afternoon!!

Our Chef Mitch checks out the Lobster that Clyde and Bonnie had just picked up from the seafood outlet.  Barb watches in the background.  After seeing the Lobster, Mitch quickly made his decision to steam the Lobsters rather than putting them on the grill.

Happy hour while waiting for our Lobster:  Pat and John

Barb and Mitch.

Bonnie and Clyde.

Faye and Ken.

The Lobsters are ready!!  They look amazing!!!

The Lobster Feast is on!!  Lobster, Corn-On-The-Cob, Green Salad and Breads, followed by Bundt Cake and Coffee!  It was divine!!!

A feast on my plate!!

Thank you everyone for making this an AMAZING LOBSTER FEAST!!

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