Tuesday, September 9, 2014


March 25 - Back in February, on Ken's first visit to Podiatrist Dr. Jones, she pointed out that he had fungus under the nails of both big toes.  In fact, she said he did not have any nail left on those toes.  It was all fungus buildup!  She said if left unattended, the fungus to go into his foot, into the bone, up his leg.  It could result in having his foot amputated!!!  Ken should let her remove the fungus from both big toes.

Because of Medicare guidelines, surgery could not be performed on both toes at the same time.  Ken's first appointment was on March 12.

Ken's toe after surgery.

At home we had to treat the toe with Epsom Salts bath, drops, band aid on and off to protect the nail and then allow the nail to dry.

Dr. Jones removed the fungus from Ken's right big toe two weeks later, on March 25.  I was still in the hospital while Ken was recovering from this surgery.  He had to manage the treatment of Epsom Salts bath, drops, band aid on and off all by himself!!  He did a great job!

Recovery is going slowly and he has not been able to wear tennis shoes yet (June 1) to play Pickleball.

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