Sunday, January 11, 2015


Sat, Jan 03 - Good friends Sally and Stan invited us over to their site at Torrey Oaks to share a Smoked Pork Roast that Stan had been smoking all day long!!

I caught Stan in the last hour of smoking and took this picture of the fragrant roast!!

Enjoying the dinner:  Good friends Joe and Cis, Lance, Hostess Sally, Chef Stan, Husband Ken!!

Pic from the other end of the table:  Stan, Ken, Laurie (Lance's wife), Joe and Cis.  Cis is serving up some of my Fried Apples.  Next down the center of the table is a platter of Stan's Sliced Pork, Sally's Garlic Bread, Laurie's Mac Salad, Cis' Cheesy Potato Casserole!  YYUUMMMMMM!!  Delicious meal!!

After dinner we all enjoyed Sally's Pecan Pie and some kind of Almond dessert.  All very fattening and delicious!!!  Thank you Sally and Stan!!!

Speaking of Joe and Cis, Joe and his family (including the young grandchildren) spent Deer Season hunting deer.  When they came down from Pennsylvania, they brought us several packages of Deer Chops and a nice Venison Roast, and two pounds of ground Venison!!!  Joe said they had a very successful hunting season in 2014!!  Thanks you, guys!!!  We can't wait to enjoy!!!

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