Thursday, January 8, 2009


Remember in the earlier article about visiting Cis and Joe at Torrey Oaks and their neighbor building the Trike Bikes? Well, today (January 8) I visited the trike builder again. Stan is his name. He showed me his trike up close and personal. And, guess what, he even took me for a ride around the park a couple of times!! He said this trike was a 2004 two-wheel model that he converted and added his own special touches. (That is Cis and Joe's rig in the background on their site at Torrey Oaks.)

On the dash, there is all kinds of fancy equipment -- a stereo radio, a CB radio, a GPS, a tape deck player, a place to mount his telephone so he can switch a button and talk hands free through his helmet, and who knows what else. It has an extra high windshield to keep wind and rain off the driver and the passenger.

Here is Stan’s card so you can place your order!!! HA HA

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Show Us The World said...

That is a beautiful bike. Nathan would love to place an order! I'll have to show him so he can see how neat it is.