Monday, June 8, 2009


Good News!! Ken’s recovery from knee surgery is going very well. In fact, when we moved from the Richmond Elk’s Lodge back down to the Chesapeake Bay Campground on June 3rd, Ken is the one who drove the RV! We go into Gloucester for Physical Therapy two days a week – Ken for his knee and me for my hip which is still bothering me but is a lot better now.

A part of Ken’s therapy continues to be Wii Tennis. Here Rick and Mike came to challenge him, but ended up challenging each other! What a backhand!!!

A couple of weeks ago when we were riding around the campground on Mike’s golf cart, we saw Jenny and Gilbert (of the Golf Cart Race). Jenny had knee replacement surgery in February and has made remarkable progress.
Jenny and Gilbert
Jenny and Ken could not resist the opportunity to compare knee surgery scars!!
This weekend Jenny tried her hand at Pickleball!! Maybe it won’t be too long before Ken is back on the court!

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Mark and Chris said...

Hard to keep that Ken off the pickleball court. Looking good you two.