Sunday, July 4, 2010


July 4 - Another Pickleball Tournament was held at TT Chesapeake Bay on the Fourth of July. This resort is becoming a real Pickleball Mecca!!!

Again the tournament organizers were Mike and Michelle and Rick, and we followed the Memorial Day format of four divisions – Championship, A, B, and C Brackets.

This time there were fourteen teams. Here is the group of Tournament Participants!!

Here is some of the action!!

New players Jerry and Randy. It was just their luck (or by design) that they started the day by playing one of the strongest teams, Rich and Dee!!

Rich and Dee are such strong players they really didn't need to resort to Dee's tactic of distracting the opponents with a little LEG as she is doing here!! Looking good, Dee!!

Tom and Mike are getting rather used to this tournament stuff!!

Or, did I speak too soon!!

Keith returned to the campground just in time for the tournament. He is playing with Julie.

Many of you remember Jack. Well, Jack thought his son was going to be his partner for the tournament. But son, Andy, brought his wife, Kelly and they played together. Andy has played a few times, Kelly almost never!! But what a strong team they made. Well they are both YOUNG and skilled tennis players. Great playing you guys!!

Jamie and John are fairly new players but they had such a good time!! I voted this team as the Most Congenial because they were so nice even if they were loosing!!

Now, here is a strong team!! Mike and Melvin. They played against us!! How could they beat up on Mike's dad and me like that???!!!

Here we are. Mike and Melvin cleaned our clock, but we came alive later in the tournament!!
(Diane looks on with great interest!)

Gilbert and Scott made a great team. We hate to admit it but they took care of us in our last game.

Eddie and Jason were partners. I didn't recognize Jason because the last time I saw him, he was a Blond!!

Jason can really jump, too!!

Todd and Laura were a good team -- both strong players!

Jack found a new partner, Carol, since Andy was playing with Kelly and not with his Dad!!

Amy and Rick made a very strong team!! Their first game was against Rick's wife, Joanne.

Linda and Joanne were teamed up again for this tournament!

Before the Tournament, players had formed partnerships and the partnerships were “seeded” into the Championship Division. As players lost matches, they were moved into the various brackets. Players who did not lose a match remained in the Championship Division. Everyone was guaranteed to play three games.

For your information, here is how the Championship Bracket looked with everyone signed in.


Jamie and John (Most Congenial) were Runners Up in C Bracket and were awarded a jar of pickles!!

Jack and Carol won C Bracket!!
Ken and I won the jar of pickles as Runners Up in B Bracket!!

And congratulations Gilbert and Scott for winning B Bracket!!
Todd and Laura were Runners Up in A Bracket!!

Tom and Mike won A Bracket.

Rick and Amy were Runners Up in the Championship Bracket!!!

Dee and Rich won the Championship Bracket -- the whole thing!! Congratulations to the two of you. Guess a little leg helps!! Just kidding Dee!!

Thanks to our tournament organizers for a great time!!!


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DDonald said...

What a great turnout for the tournament. You all look like you had a wonderful time. Your pictures are fantastic - great action shots! Miss you guys :(