Saturday, July 10, 2010


July 05 – 10 – We said Good-Bye to our family and friends and left TT Chesapeake Bay for the last time on Monday and spent five days in Richmond, VA finalizing some doctor’s visits and other odds and ends before leaving the area for an extended time!!

Early Friday morning we left on our 745 mile trip to TT St. Clair, MI where they were having their annual Pickleball Rally and Tournament. It was exciting to be On The Road Again!! We stayed overnight at the Flying J in Hubbard, OH. Ken was not too keen on staying at the Flying J with all those trucks. I suggested we use the RV diesel pump instead of the faster truck pumps. That way we could use our Credit Card and still get the Cash Price. Then we could stay overnight in the RV section. We were the first rig to park there and had a very quiet and pleasant evening. On Saturday we had only about 200 more miles to travel to our destination.

When we crossed the Michigan state line we were very glad we had made that stop at the Flying J!!! Saved us many $$$ on fuel cost!!

We arrived at TT St. Clair at just after 12 Noon – just in time for the end of the Saturday Pickleball tournament and in time for the Hobo Stew and Hot Dogs they were feasting on. Everybody insisted that we come and join them!! But we had not even found a site for our RV. Didn’t matter – we had to join them!! It was delicious and a lot of fun and gave us an opportunity to become reacquainted with many of our Pickleball friends!

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