Sunday, February 6, 2011


If you have recently bought a new computer it most likely came with Windows 7. If you had difficulty installing an older printer, maybe my recent experience will help you as it did Paul.

My old computer crashed and now I must rely totally on my new Toshiba computer. I had been printing from my old computer but now I cannot. Using the Install CD, I attempted to install my HP 1500 Series Printer on the new computer, but I received an Error Message that the installation could not be competed because the “Run as . . .” was missing. I believed the new computer and the old printer (5 years) were not compatible so I bought a new HP printer.

I mentioned the installation problem to Mark. He suggested I might be able to download the missing program from the internet. Before using the new printer, I tried once more to install the old printer. This time when I received the Error Message, I clicked on Help. It took me to Windows 7 Printer Help. There were plenty of instructions for installing printers. Near the end, in small print was the statement: “These instructions apply to non-USB connections. For USB connection, plug your printer into the USB port. Windows 7 will recognize the printer.”

What! No installation required!! Just plug it in!! I tried it!! It worked!! I thought to myself, “It works on line; I wonder if it works when I am not on line.” I logged off the internet and tried to print. It worked!! A Miracle!!!

A few days later Paul mentioned to me that he had a new computer. Someone had come to help him get things running, but he could not install the printer. Said it was incompatible with the new computer. Paul bought a new printer but had not yet opened the box. I told him of my experience and suggested he try plugging the computer in the USB port and see what happens. A few days later Paul exclaimed to me that he had plugged his old printer into his new computer and it printed!! A Miracle!!

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