Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sat Oct. 22 - As reported in a previous article, we checked into TT Palm Springs on Wednesday, October 19. We have not been here since early Spring!! We were delighted to discover that Rick is having the Saturday morning Pickleball tournaments again this season. The tournament today was Round Robin Luck-Of-The-Draw, in which everyone draws a card and is assigned the number of the card drawn. Then according to a set format, players' numbers are put with other players, changing for each match. We still enjoy participating in the Saturday Tournaments!!

Pictures of some of the action. Hope I included everyone.

Linda and Rob.

Judy and Mike.

Bob and Ken.

Nancy and Brian.

Richard and Larry.

Judy and Brian.

Linda and Pam.

Lynn and Faye.

And, the Winners! First Place, Judy. Third Place, Brian. Rick who ran the tournament. Second Place, Linda.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated. Thank you,Rick. It was a lot of fun!! Look forward to next Saturday!!

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