Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There are a lot of people playing Water Volleyball at TT Palm Springs these days!! And, it is getting to be quite competitive!! November 10 - 12, 2011, Catalina Spa, a neighboring RV Campground, is hosting their 5th Annual Water Volleyball Tournament.

The event will be for Competitive Teams, with 8 players each, as well as Recreational Teams of 12 players. Teams will be organized in advance of the tournament. VB players at TT Palm Springs are getting ready for the big event!!

Ken and I do not participate in the Water Volleyball but it looks like so much fun!! Here is a group that played on Sunday. There are a number of Pickleball players who play Water Volleyball as well. I'll try to point them out. (Names are listed below the picture.)

(The Pickleball Players in the group, from far Left to Right): Linda; Nancy in white tee with up-stretched arms; Rob with back to the camera, reaching high for the ball; (don't know the next two men); Lee with outstretched arms; Richard near the rope with navy and red hat, and Mike with white tee and hat.

Lee has been instrumental in recruiting VB players at both TT Palm Springs and TT Wilderness Lakes. She said she already has her Competitive Team ready to enter the Catalina Spa Tournament. Good Luck, Friend!

More pictures of the fun:

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