Monday, June 17, 2013


Jun 16 - We had planned to be at TT Verde Valley in Cottonwood, AZ by now!!  However, due to Ken's defibrillator surgery and his Grandson, Russell's graduation, we are still here in Southern California.

Tomorrow , Ken has his last follow up with his Cardiologist after which we will begin our trip to Arizona!!  At last!!  We will stop for a few nights at ROD Colorado River in Ehrenberg, AZ so we can take a day's drive down to Mexico for our dental check-up.

Then we will arrive at ROD Camp Verde on Friday, June 21.  Check out our new schedule!!

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The Bright's said...

I don't see your new schedule... but it's kinda fun how we can change our schedules, isn't it? We change a lot. We just left Cottonwood. Great area. Do the train! (if you make it there).