Monday, June 17, 2013


Fri - Jun 14 - This morning we went to Mary Pickford Theater in Palm Springs to see Superman - Man of Steel.  Since we went to the first matinee, they only charged $5.50/pp but no free popcorn any more!!

The "block buster" movie was pretty good, but did not live up to all the hype in our opinion.  Ken said he just didn't like it because too much of the story dealt with "Cal L's" birth in Cripton and his early years on earth.  (Cal L was Clarke Kent's birth name.)

I said it was just too much!!  Too much fighting.  Too much battling.  Too much destruction.  It seemed that one fight scene lasted 20 minutes and I thought it was finally over, only to begin all over again!  Wow!!  Too much!!

Anyway, I'm glad we saw it!!  We had to do it!!!

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