Monday, July 29, 2013


Jul 28 - We have not been on the Pickleball courts for a loooong time!!  Ken has had a couple of recovery time since his Defibrillator surgery in April.  So, yesterday (Saturday) morning I suggested that we drive down to the TT Verde Valley Pickleball courts to see if anyone was playing.  Much to our surprise, there was a couple playing!!  We walked down to meet them.  We all chatted for a while and decided to meet on Sunday morning for a few games.

Here we are Sunday with our new Pickleball friends, Judy and Jeff from Flagstaff!

We played a couple of fun games.  Judy and Jeff have leased a site at TT Verde Valley so hopefully we can get together for more games.  We certainly do need the exercise!!

Thanks for the games, Judy and Jeff.  That was fun!!

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Betty Graffis said...

Good to hear you are able to play pickleball again.