Sunday, September 8, 2013


 Thursday Aug 08 - Wayne and Nancy had sent us an Email letting us know they were already at their place at Happy Trails in Surprise, AZ, and they were thinking about driving up to TT Verde Valley to see us. We contacted them to let them know we would be driving to Phoenix on Thursday anyway for a final follow-up with my Cornea Specialist and we would be much closer to them.  Why didn't we plan to get together then?  That would save them an 90 mile trip up to Verde.

So, that is what we did.  After my doctor's appointment, we met our friends Wayne and Nancy at -

We really like In and Out because their burgers are so fresh and juicy!

Wayne and Nancy are the Pickleball players whom we met at TT Rancho Oso when we first began playing Pickleball in 2002!  They took us under their wings and taught us so much about the game and introduced us to so many other neat players.  In fact, they invited us to come and hook up at their home in Montana whenever we were in the area.  And we surprised them by taking them up on that kind invitation more than once!!

Here we are enjoying our In and Out Burgers!!  As we kept saying, it was "Just like old times!"

We are so glad we had a chance to say "Farewell" to Wayne and Nancy because we will be leaving tomorrow (Friday) morning to being our journey back East!

Sidebar:  My Cornea Specialist was very pleased with how my eye is healing following my cornea transplant on the 3rd of July.  He said I am good to travel across the country!!

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