Monday, October 7, 2013


Sat, Sept 28 - We have not seen my family in three plus years while we were traveling out west.  My niece Debbie invited all of us to get together at their place on Lancaster Creek just off the Rappahannock River for some crab cracking and hamburgers and some family fun!!

Virginia Blue Crabs!

UUMMMM!  Great fun!!  Great crabs!!

Part of my family.  Brother Chip, Nephew-in-law Jeff  HA HA (married to Debbie), Sisters Beryle and Jean, Husband Ken, Chip's wife Biddie!  Having a great time!!

Later Jeff serenaded us with an original composition.  Something about a being married to a mean old woman who wouldn't crack crabs for him!  Funny!!

Later we enjoyed hamburgers with all the trimmings and, of course, desserts galore!!

A little bit of background:  Years and years ago when we were all much younger, our Aunt and Uncle owned a home on Lancaster Creek.  The family spent many unforgettable weekends enjoying there place at the River.  When our Uncle died, my Aunt sold their place.  Some years later, Niece Debbie and Jeff purchased their current home on Lancaster Creek just a few houses down the road.  Thus they have given us a chance to enjoy many, many memories again.

I had to show  you a picture of Lancaster Creek, where we spent so many hours swimming, water skiing, fishing and sailing our little Sunfish boat, and just sitting and enjoying the view.

Thank you so much Debbie and Jeff for everything!!!

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