Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Sat., Nov. 09 - Yesterday morning at Pickleball, we not only met up with Steve and Lynne, but we were delighted to see Diane and Jack even before we got to the courts!!  Great!!  I knew a Pickleball Happy Hour was a certain thing!!  Diane is the "Happy Hour Queen"!  And so, in a matter of minutes we were announcing Happy Hour on Saturday at Jack and Diane's!!

A good group of players were at the Happy Hour that afternoon.  We were greeted by Jack and Diane and Diane's mother, Mickey.

Nate and Krystal have an Annual Site at TT Peace River so we were surprised to see them at TT Orlando!  Krystal said it is the first time they have traveled in their 5th Wheel in two years!

We taught Bob and Vicki to play Pickleball at TT Chesapeake Bay in 2008.  Vicki had injured her right hand so she had to learn to play with her left hand!  They have been instrumental in introducing more people to the game of Pickleball!!

We just met this group this afternoon at the party.  Marylyn and Harold.  Anita and Mike who promised to be at the Pickleball courts soon.

Diane's brother and his wife, Jim and Marlene!  Both good Pickleball players!

Lynne and Steve decided to wait until Sunday to leave and were able to come to the Happy Hour!!

Rene and Mira.  We met them in 2010 on the courts at TT Peace River, and several times at TT Chesapeake Bay.

Just met Frank and his wife at the party tonight.  Welcome to the group!

This is an odd couple that I put together for the picture!!  We met Charlotte here at TT Orlando some years ago -- a really good players.  Joe just recently took up the game.  He is a welcome addition to the "family"!!  Joe is another player who injured his right hand and is forced to play left handed.  What's wrong with that??!!

After eating, some of us played another fun game -- Corn Hole!!
Rene and Nate on one end, and their partners at the far end, Jack and Marlene.
Ken and Joe and their partners Bob (with Joe) and Faye (with Ken).
Jim and Rene and partners Frank and Jack.

By the time the party broke up, it was dark!  Here we are staying "Good Night"!!

Thanks Diane and Jack for a really fun time!!

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Silly Willy and Fluffy said...

Welcome back to our side of the country. We have missed you two! You both look fantastic! The West sure has been good for you. Looking forward to playing again after sparse activity for 2 yrs. We are at Buttonwood Bay until Dec.1 Maybe we can catch up to you at Peace River. We are at Lake Placid Clowning around and teaching. Keep Smiling!
Silly Willy and Fluffy