Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Tue, Apr 21 - We spent the day today with our good friends Jim and Evie (Evelyn to us) who live in Sarasota.

(Sorry about the brightness of the sunlight!)

We were on our first RV trip in 1998-99 and just happened to meet up with Evelyn and Jim at Christmas time at Thousand Trails Medina Lake in Texas.  RVing was all new to us and we had more fun with this couple who had been RVing for years.  We spent two weeks with them at Medina Lake partying, playing card games and Mexican Train, and of course EATING!!

When our time was over, we decided to go to Big Bend National Park with some other people from the campground while Evelyn and Jim went north.  But, before parting, we made arrangements to meet up with them again in a few weeks.  We traveled all the way up the west coast together -- meeting up and separating; meeting again and separating.  We really learned a lot from our first RV buddies.

When we got together today, we spent hours looking at pictures of our times together in Evelyn's picture albums, and drinking wine.  Evidence is there on the table in front of us!

Then we played a few games of Euchre and reminisced some more.  After having delicious Chicken Alfredo and salad it was time for us to leave.

What a fun day!!  Thanks Evelyn and Jim.  It was so good seeing you again.

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