Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Apr 6 - My grandson Thomas in Raleigh has become quite the Equestrian!!  In fact, his skills are such that he needed a new horse who could scale the higher jumps.  So earlier this month, Thomas and his mother took a trip to Ocala, FL where they saw, tested, and bought Miles.

Miles is a beautiful gray Irish Sport Horse.  He is six years old and stands 16' 2" tall.

I had never heard of an Irish Sport Horse but found out that this breed is the result of a cross between the Irish Draught and a Thoroughbred.  Team Windchase describes the Irish Sport Horse as follows:

The Irish Sport Horse has a tremendous gallop with plenty of speed, exceptional jumping talent, and has been bred for centuries to run and jump and go across the countryside.  They have the heart and keen intelligence of a Thoroughbred, coupled with a calm and sensible temperament from their Irish Draught blood. They are known for their great durability, soundness and stamina.

Miles sounds like the perfect horse for the perfect Grandson!!!

Happy Trails, Thomas!!

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irishrovers said...

Great looking horse, should last Thomas a few years!