Thursday, April 30, 2009


April 28 – Every now and then some friends we’ve met in the past (mostly Pickleball friends) come to TT Chesapeake Bay while we are there. It is always great to see them again!!

Think we met Dawn and Carl out west – probably at Verde Valley. They are from Allentown, PA. We run into them here and there around the country. Carl weaves beautiful pine needle baskets and carves. Dawn makes a mean Shoo Fly Pie!! Ken loves it!!

Met Bruce and Cheryl at TT Peace River. Bruce is an excellent horse shoe pitcher and Pickleball player. He didn’t play at Chesapeake Bay because he cut his big toe in the River!!

Met Art and Deborah, guess where?? On the Pickleball court right here at Chesapeake Bay a couple of years ago. They have an RV with a “garage” in the back for carrying their Trike, etc. Note their beautiful pets!!

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