Sunday, April 26, 2009


We are now staying at TT Chesapeake Bay, about 65 miles from Richmond, VA where Ken will have knee surgery on Wednesday. We expect he will be in the hospital only two or three days, and will be back at the RV to recuperate. We are so appreciative that the Park Manager, Terry, agreed to let us "bridge" our week out so we do not have to move.

Won’t be long now.


Show Us The World said...

I hope all goes well for his surgery. I think Terry is wonderful, she did something similar for us last year!

Betty Graffis said...

Ken is in our prayers. Thankful for Tery's understanding and compassion. Sounds like she is a great manager.

Mark and Chris said...

Good luck with the surgery Ken. Chris and I will be on the road home on May 9th from Tampa with a surprise. Expect we'll roll into Chesapeake Bay on or about May 14 after a few stops along the way.