Thursday, September 30, 2010



September 22 – 27 – After leaving Marti and Norm and Oregon, we decided to go inland, looking for the California sun!! We found plenty of sun at TT Lake Minden, Nicolaus, CA, northeast of Sacramento. But we found something else, too. Aphids!! Our car was parked under the maple trees that were full of aphids that were eating the leaves and depositing juices all over our car (Ken said it was urine – ugh!!). We felt like we were in a si-fi movie and covered with slime!! It was all over the car, the door handles, the ground, our shoes – everything!!

Usually we enjoy being at Lake Minden because we always run into some Pickleball players. This year there were no players; in fact, there were no nets on the courts and wild grass is beginning to take over. It was sad!!

So with no Pickleball, we spent most of our time looking for a new GPS. I had placed our Magellan Maestro 4040 on the RV dash and somehow it fell into the stair well and a part broke off. Magellan said they could not repair it and offered to replace it for $$ if I sent the broken one back; otherwise the cost would be 2 X $$!! We spent time looking at and trying other brands but ended up deciding the Magellan offer was as good as any; however it would be 10 days before we could get the new one.

We had to navigate without a GPS for 10 days!! Can’t believe we used to do that all that time.


September 27 – 30 – Our next stop was at TT Morgan Hill, just outside of Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the World!! We spent most of our brief time there washing and cleaning the vehicles. It felt sooo good not to have that gook all over us!!

No Pickleball players at Morgan Hill either, but it was too hot to play anyway.

We did not do any touring on these stops. We had already done a lot of touring when we were here six years ago and decided we will probably be back again next year to do the touring bit.

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