Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Tue, Jul 07 and Fri, Oct 02 -  Mike and Diane always treat Ken to a Father's Day dinner when we are in the area.  They had discovered a new Chinese Restaurant in the area that they really like -- Chen's Chinese Restaurant!  That's where they took Ken and me tonight for Father's Day Dinner!

Everything at Chen's was really delicious!  After Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Hot and Sour Soup. Mike, Ken and I all had the Hot and Spicy Seafood Entree "Treasures of the Sea" with lots of seafood and veggies!!  Yummm!!

Chen's really gives P. F. Chang a good run for the money!!  And - it is much more conveniently located!!

Three months later:
Fri, Oct 02 - It's my Birthday and it's pouring down rain as a result of Hurricane Joaquin!!!  We are staying at TT Chesapeake Bay in Gloucester, but today we had to drive to Richmond early this morning to take care of some doctor things!!

Even though it is raining cats and dogs, Diane and Mike insisted on taking us out to lunch for my Birthday!!  I immediately thought of Chen's as the perfect place to meet -- it was convenient and we all loved their Chinese cuisine!!

I didn't get any pictures this time but we made exactly the same selections as for Ken's Father's Day Dinner:  Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Hot and Sour Soup, and delicious Treasures of the Sea!!!   YUMMY!!   Excellent!!!

Thank you so much Mike and Diane for treating us for Father's Day and on my Birthday!!

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